After long being inspired by the UK’s longest running techno night Atomic Jam in Birmingham, Paul Carroll (aka Dead Sound) decided to make a change musically, moving into the world of techno under the name Dead Sound.  Since starting out as Dead Sound, Paul has produced a variety of techno sub-genres including his own more broken beat and 4/4 styles by himself and also producing industrial techno alongside DJ partner Videohead.  Dead Sounds debut EP, released through Datatrace, displayed an experimental mixture of IDM, bassline orientated techno and dubstep.

After hearing Dead Sounds demos, Perc asked Dead Sound and his DJ partner Videohead to remix tracks for Go Hiyama and Samuli.  Following the success of these remixes, The Chosen EP was released under Perc Trax.

Following the hype of the Perc Trax releases, Acroplane requested some tracks from Dead Sound and Videohead which are due out in November 2011 under the name Pench EP.  Coinciding with the Perc Trax releases, Gynoid and Electrax showed an interest and Dead Sound has carried out various remixes for them and has EPs due out later in 2011/early 2012.  Alongside Perc and Surgeon, Paul has gained the support of other big players in the techno scene such as Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin, James Ruskin, Xhin, and notably Bas Mooy.


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