It’s Monday July 23rd, 2012 and we’re happy to give you another exclusive mix by Cirque Du Minimaliste label boss, Felix Lorusso. Felix had his first podcast on Blank Code in October 2011, and since he’s been very busy both in the studio and performing.  His productions are best described as atmospheric tracks, stunning bass lines and haunting noises sometimes outlined by deep vocals he interprets electronic dance music dark and emotionally.

His work can be found on label’s such as: Wall Music, Der Hut, FruchtCryonixMomentum LeagueDividedFruit RecordsFourth KindDer Traegerlose HutTretmuehleLethal Dose RecordingsDoppelgaenger and his own imprint Cirque Du Minimaliste.  Keep up with Felix’s work on Soundcloud & Beatport.


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