The release fires up with the massive Beta 01 original mix.  With a hollow feel and pounding kick, this bass driven track leaves plenty of open air.  Expertly crafted for cold cement basements, unexpected drops leave the listener gasping for breath.  Beta 01 represents merciless, focused techno without gimmicks.  Beta 01 Luis Flores embracing the strange, the Luis Flores remix harbors unique, glassy percussive elements and strictly alien rising chords.  Heavy emphasis on tight claps and a subtle swing make it more danceable than the original, while retaining the ominous tones imbued in the track by The Plant Worker.  Beta 02 Beta 02 enters with nervous clicks and anxious acidic murmurs.  Urgent hi-hat patterns push thetrack forward, while echoing bleeps confirm the impression that something is very wrong.  The track slowly builds in complexity to a tense, frantic climax and then drifts off without offering any consolation.

Beta 03 Mysterious chimes wandering around the sonic space give a haunting feel to Beta 03, the conclusion of the vinyl version of the release.  Centered by an anonymous mid-range noise hit, the percussion of the track marches forward autonomously.  Beta 04 The EP’s digital exclusive.  Beta 04  returns the listener to the original themes of Beta 01 open, reverberating bass accented by the sounds of echoing metallic decay.  Driving percussion rushes the track forward, leaving the listener with a heavy techno workout.

Vinyl available here

Digital available here

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