Mike Gervais hails from Minneapolis, but his home is the booth of a darkened club, dutifully working behind the decks.  The icy terrain of the north has blossomed from flyover country into a hotbed of techno talent, and Mike has carried on a local tradition of excellence by drawing a straight line between solid performances and steady studio output.  An ear for propulsive rhythms and a penchant for bleeding-edge technology has allowed Gervais to translate a youth immersed in electronic music into success as a beat-slinging veteran.

The move towards live looping and custom edits eventually led Mike to the studio, where he swiftly took to music production and remix work.  His tracks have made an impression with techno artists across the world, receiving praise from Chris Liebing, Audio InjectionDave Clarke, Tommy Four Seven, Tim Xavier, Dustin Zahn, Richie Hawtin, and more. Mike’s work has appeared on respected techno labels Futra, From 0-1 and Truncate.


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