This week’s podcast comes from techno producer Dimitris Diamantis aka Corvum.  Greek born musician, composer, producer, DJ, sound designer.  He began listening to artists/groups and music in general, based on synths, electro and synthpop.  In the late 80’s was involved with House and Techno music, EBM, IDM and other various sub-genres of electronic music.

It was in the early 90’s when Dimitris created Corvum, and since then he embarked on a musical journey of experimentation.  Computers were the new tool added to his arsenal and along the studies he was involved with digital software and hardware music production and Djing.  As Corvum (first era) created 4 unreleased hypnotic industrial downtempo minimal LPs.  He has released his music on labels such as Gastspiel RecordsGiraphone RecordsVoodoo RecordsCirque Du MinimalisteRoom133 RecordsDATLW RecordingsPlastiq, and VOL0101 Records to name a few.  Follow Corvum’s music on Beatport and Soundcloud.


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