Born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, an interest in electronic music seemed only natural for Gabriele Schwarz aka Gabi.  As a talented singer and pianist from a young age, Gabriele built her musicality upon a foundation of music theory, technique, and diligent practice. Upon discovering the underground techno scene Detroit had to offer as a teenager, she found a pair of cheap turntables and taught herself to mix vinyl.

Inspired by the minimalistic micro-house sounds of the city, Gabriele began expanding her love for electronic music to include a wide array of genre and talent.  With such a diverse range of musical interest, her sets can fluctuate anywhere from progressive to minimal, finding her niche in melodic techhouse with a deep feel.  Gabriele has come far since her debut in early 2011: her Detroit residencies currently include A U X E T I C, Cultured Citizens, and Detroit label Mintec Musik.  Her involvement with the Girls Gone Vinyl project began in 2011 and has since connected her with many female dj’s and producers around the world.  As she evolves into a producer herself, Gabriele now goes solely by her nickname, Gabi (pronounced Gāh-bee).


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