Berlin producer Ken Karter, was born as a pianist in the classic music ambient.  He began playing the piano since the first years of his life and while continuing his studies in the classic music he begins to be interested in the electronic music.  Passionate about technology and the world of analogue sounds starts his studies on various type of analogue synthesis all around the world, in countries such as Switzerland and Germany where he finds new realities that will pull out of him the figures of Sound Designer and Sound Engineer.  You can find Ken’s music on labels such as Consumer Recreation Service RecordingsResiliens RecordingsIllegal Alien RecordsSonntag MorgenWakkler and his imprint Kript Records.

He stars to work in nightclubs as DJ, approaches the sound of techno music from which he draws much inspiration, combining this musical genre and culture within a passion for experimental electronic music.  Accompanying those paths has also added a strong interest in scientific disciplines such as mathematics, numerology and encryption.  Ken has put these scientific and esoteric interests in writing music, in cases where the same concepts, transformed into numbers and sequences take the form of sound and melody.


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