Annie Hall is recognized internationally as one of the most elite Spanish producers of her time.  At her production level, the technique developed into authentic mental journeys, advanced electronics, exciting and expressive, fit for the dance floor or to listen at home.  Annie’s productions have seen the light in the catalogs of Semántica recordsMinuendoMigaSoftware recordsD1 RecordingsIcon of DesireMicron AudioBlank Code & Detroit Underground label where she currently works.

This mix was recorded from our recent Official Movement pre party at The Works in Detroit on January 11th, 2014.  Annie’s set was the opening set for Ostgut Ton’s Function.  In recent years she has performed at many of the best festivals and clubs all over Europe, USA and Canada, festival-Sonar (Barcelona) (festival-DEAF (Dublin), JMM club (Turin, Italy), Bleep 43 – (London), LAUNCHMEAT-festival (Prague), Cyneart-Dressden festival (Germany), Baazar-(Porto) – Friendly Integration (Los Angeles, California) – Blank Code (Detroit), Movement Electronic Music Festival Detroit, and many more.


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