Joel Morgan is a native of Detroit, Michigan and is part of its ever-present music scene.  He has cultivated his roots in this community, and continually sharpens his skills as a DJ and producer.  He diligently experiments and creates his music with genuine love and talent.  Joel is a down-to-earth and no-nonsense kind of guy.  His personality, in combination with his background as a life-long drummer gives rise to a compositional sound that is raw, gritty, rugged, and rhythmically-gridlocked—no fluff or excess, yet still dynamic.  

Joel’s passion is fueled by the richness of Detroit’s techno scene, in which he plays an active role as a producer with Blank Code Records and is a frequent performer at Blank Code events year round.  He’s an artist who intentionally and enthusiastically weaves what has become a nourishing network of fans and fellow DJ’s.  His work as an artist has steadily matured since starting his music career and many have watched it continue to unfold as Joel has consistently pushes himself to develop a sound that’s like no other.


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