Rex Sepulveda hails from Detroit and is one of D-Records original producers.  His long tenure in the Detroit Electronic Music scene has enabled him to develop a consistent ability to capture the subtle elements of music being produced globally and implement them into a sound that is distinctly Detroit while at the same time having an evolutionary sound.  Rex is a consummate producer, spending most of his time behind his computer laying down amazing tracks, most of which are for use in his now epic live shows.   You can find his work on Labels such as Plus 8, D-Records, Detroit Underground, Hej, Black Nation Records and Flumo Recordings to name a few.  His tracks have been featured in mix CDs and reviewed in magazines such as URB, Wire, De:Bug and Mix Mag.

When Rex plays he is known to present a solid blend of minimal and tech-house, venturing up to banging acid techno if the crowd is up for it.  Usually he likes to make things more interesting by experimenting with unreleased material to gauge the crowd response.  Rex has had the privilege of playing alongside the likes of Rich Hawtin, John Acquaviva, Adam Beyer, Sammy Dee, Surgeon, Fred Giannelli and Vladislav Delay, to name a few.  He has played parties, festivals and clubs in North America and overseas.  Some of these sets can be heard on Paxahau Radio, under his various monikers.


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