Alberto Pascual (Madrid, 1984) He’s one of the most internationally famous spanish producers with a great position in the world techno scene.  He´s currently working on record labels of international stature such as Plus 8Sci+TecAnalytic TrailMaterial SeriesAmazing Records, Spark Music, Phobiq, Selected Records, and Night Light Records.  Besides being a good and persevering producer, Alberto performs sessions as a DJ with a straight forceful style, his performances leaves no one indifferent.

Alberto has performed in different countries  Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland sharing stage with artists of international stature such as: Psyk, Paco Osuna, Pan-Pot, Onur Ozer, Rino Cerrone, Massi Dl, Olene Kadar, Mark Broom, Secret Cinema and many others.  In summer 2010 he was the only Spaniard at the Soenda Festival (Utrecht, Holland) one of the most important festivals in Europe and at one of the most renowned Techno clubs “U60311” in Frankfurt, Germany where most some of the most significant artists ever have performed.


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One Response to Blank Code Podcast 028 – Alberto Pascual

  1. daniel says:

    This set was great in a sense that it had a great dark flow that wasnt too hard and wasnt too mellow.